Types of Wood for Smoking – Which one to choose?

Do you know about the Types of Wood for Smoking? Then read this article. Smoking meat is conventional nowadays, and most manufacturers use different types of wood for smokers. When we talk about smoking meat or beef, almost everyone recommends the combination of timber with meat or beef. For heavy meals like pork or beef, hardwood is better to use. Similarly, for lighter meals like chicken and fish, you should use comparatively light wood. It is always good not to use softwoods, including pine or cedar. Resin-derived wood can destroy the taste of meat and can harm your smoker.

This article is all about describing the types of wood for smokers available nearby. We will explain different types of woods and the best wood for every kind of meat you want to cook. We have discussed the best wood smokers.

Many people throw the question of what wood type they should use while smoking? Well, the answer isn’t too simple. As a starter, you should always go for hardwood instead of softwood. It comes from the trees that usually lose their leaves every season. Softwood comes from the trees that stay with leaves every time. Because the hardwood trees typically grow slowly, the resulting wood seems to be dense. We desperately need a compact type of wood to smoke because when we dry them, they release fantastic smoke. This smoke is the best to get delicious food after cooking.

Best Types of Wood for Smoking

Best Types Of Hardwood for smoking

Everyone is familiar with barbeque, and almost everyone prefers the use of hardwood to prepare a delicious grill. These hardwoods are very common in all parts of the United States. They are easily accessible. Generally, you will find the following types of wood for smokers.

  • Hickory
  • Oak
  • Alder
  • Maple
  • Mesquite
  • Pecan
  • Walnut
  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Peach
  • Pear

Types of wood for smokers

Many people ask what type of wood is useful to smoke meat or beef. It all depends on what kind of smoker you have bought. There are different types of smokers available in the market. Each of them has its specifications. A kind of wood doesn’t need to be suitable for all types of smokers. Because of different types of smokers, there are various methods to smoke food. Each smoker type requires a specific fuel source. Four of the most common types of wood for smoking bbq are.

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1. Chunks

chunksThere is a combination of charcoal and chunks that suits most of the smokers in the market. These pieces are the best woods to smoke bbq. A group of burning coal provides the required heat. You must place the wood chunks over the coal. Chunks will burn slowly to generate smoke. It mixes up with high temperatures to cook your food efficiently. It is better to use wood chunks in smaller sized smokers like kamado or other offset smokers.

2. Logs

wood logsOffset smokers having large cooking surface areas require wood logs to cook great barbeque. These logs have a task to create heat and smoke simultaneously. It is imperative to know that these logs need at least 45 minutes to heat up and generate the required amount of heat and smoke. There is a separate firebox in offset smokers where all this process goes on.

3. Pellets

wood pellets Various manufacturers provide Pellet smokers. These smokers specifically need Pellet wood as a fuel source. Pellets consist of compressed hardwood sawdust. In pellet smokers, Pellet’s pieces offer heat and smoke at the same time. Heating pellet wood for the stove is different from using pellets for cooking bbq. There are some smokers available which generate cold smoke with the help of pellets. The design of these pieces comes from the blends of various hardwoods. Some of the Pellets making brands use oily flavored blends to generate different types of stuff. Read the instructions clearly before buying pellets so that you can get what you need.

4. Chips

wood chipsMost of the propane gas or electric smokers need light smoke to cook fantastic food. Chips can produce light and steady type of smoke. They are also capable of giving a lot of smoke very quickly. They get burned too fast; that is why you need to replace them most often. Chips can not create heat with already providing the smoke.

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A few different types of woods are described below.


People who are beginners in smoking, they should use Oak to cook and smoke meat. The best meats to smoke with Oak are lambs, beef, sausages, or brisket. we have reviewed best smokers for beginners.


Hickory can help the user to use it in various ways. You can create smoke using hickory in multiple ways. But, you need to be more careful while using hickory. If you, unfortunately, add more hickory, you are going to get a bitter taste in the end. If you use the proper amount of it, it will return a sweet, savory type of flavor.

Ribs, pork, and all red meat can be smoked using hickory.


A subtle smoke flavor is an outcome if you smoke maple wood—sweet, light smoke with excellent flavor. You can smoke poultry, or pork with the help of this wood.


If you plan to grill meat, we recommend you Mesquite. People use it because of its strength and a unique type of taste. Red meat is the most smoked meat by Mesquite.


You might not find a sweeter flavor than the flavor produced by Pecan. You might have to add some other wood to balance the sweet taste created by Pecan. People smoke ribs and roasts using Pecan.


It is mild and sweet. It gives a different type of flavour, which is like a mellow. It might take a bit of time to prepare the smoke for the meat. It may take several hours. Chicken and pork are the best meats for these types of woods for smoking.

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People having more interest in seafood will surely love Alder. It brings a light and sweet flavor.


Chicken, turkey, and ham lovers always prefer cherry as the best wood type for smokers. If you use it with hickory, both are going to produce delicious food you will surely love.


Best wood for each type of meat you might cook shortly

Now we are going to guide you on which type of meat needs which type of wood. First of all, everyone’s favorite, the ribs.

Best wood for smoking ribs?

Woods from the trees of fruits like apple or peach are most suitable for smoking ribs. Ribs are usually not thick, and that is why they need a bit more smoke. Oak or hickory is also an appropriate option for smoking ribs.

Best wood for smoking meat?

We have studied various reviews from the users who smoke the meat regularly. People are fond of smoking meat using Oakwood most of the time. The meat can be lamb, brisket, or sausages. Oak seems to be satisfying while smoking these types of meats.

Best wood for smoking beef?

Beef tops the list of the most cooked and smoked food all over the US. People search for the best wood to smoke beef to get the delicious flavor in return. The best wood to cook beef is always Oak. There are also other types of wood for smokers like hickory, maple, Mesquite, etc. But Oak proves to be the best one for smoking beef.

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