Three Smart Grills and Smokers for 2022

Here you’ll get to know about Three Smart Grills and Smokers and how to use them or how they work with the Top 3 Smart Grills and Smokers of 2022.

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Grilling and smoking is a great American tradition that goes back many years.

Three Smart Grills and Smokers – about

Your father likely did it, and his father before him. Family tales of get-togethers in the summer months around the barbeque are likely passed down from generation to generation, fully ingraining the pastime of grilling and smoking in your own culture and tradition.

As times move on, the simple pleasures are still often those enjoyed the most, even if methods and approaches change. 2020 was very much the year of the smart home, something you might not think has a strong link with outdoor cooking. The US smart home market will be worth around $62bn by 2023 though, and with such huge sums involved it stands to reason manufacturers are looking to explore different avenues for their products.

So, what is a smart home, and how can it link to our hobby? A smart home is defined by HomeServe as being a property that uses one or more internet-connected devices to let you control and see what is going on whether you are in another room or even another country. Those devices can often self-monitor, as well as be controlled remotely. They have an awareness of their function and the ability to adjust to conditions, which sounds perfect for barbecuing and smoking. In fact, it is, and there is already a range of Wi-Fi-enabled smart grills and smokers on the market to automate your experience. If you are fed up with waiting for your grills to get going, or undercooking chicken and burning steaks, then you might wish to invest in one of these handy smart appliances today.

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three smart grill and smoker

Top 3 Smart Grills and Smokers in 2022

Traeger Timberline 1300

The Traeger Timberline 1300 might not look particularly cutting edge, but under the hood, it is a great smart grill that could change the way you enjoy food outdoors, forever. The hardwood pellets are mechanically fed into the grill for a measured burn, something you can control using an app on your cell phone. It has a large cooking capacity too, and is able to hold over 60 burgers at the same time. You can even set the grill going on your way back from the shops, so it is ready when you get home.

Lynx Freestanding Smart Grill

If you want your smart appliance to look like cutting edge technology, then the Lynx Freestanding Smart Grill might be for you. It is not a cheap option, coming in around $7,500, but it is packed with useful features which will change the way you prepare your food. It boasts a backlit blue LED display, 840 square inches of cooking area, and the remote, app-controlled access you would expect from the latest technology. The ‘MyChef’ feature of the app is particularly neat, making you part of an online community sharing recipes and tips.

Three Smart Grills and Smokers 2022

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill

Like the Timberline 1300, the REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill (predictably) uses natural wood pellets, which will delight the smoking and grilling purists. It has a huge hopper capable of taking 40 pounds of pellets in one go, meaning you can load up and cook for weeks. There is also an option to activate the Xtreme Smoke feature, which adds that smokey goodness to whatever you have on the grill. Naturally, it can all be controlled by your cell phone too, so you can relax with friends and not have to stand over the grill the whole afternoon.

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