Offset Smoker Vs Kamado – Which one is better

Comparison between offset Smoker & Kamado

Here is the comparison between Offset Smoker Vs Kamado and check how they work or how they can be used with disadvantages and advantages.

1st Product
Offset Smoker
2nd Product
Offset Smoker
Charcoal + wood chunks + chips to create a smoky flavor
Cooking Capacity
Cooking Capacity
Small to very large cooking capacity
Small, medium
Cooking Level
Cooking Level
Suitable for smoking and grilling (some models).
Grilling, searing, smoking, roasting, baking, braising
Average Price
Average Price
$300 - $4,000+
Fuel Efficiency
Fuel Efficiency
Low-moderate running cost depending on what type of fuel is used.
Low running cost
No power is required
No power is required
Portable or Not
Portable or Not
Generally not portable, but, you could load on the back of a truck.
Most aren't portable except for a couple of models

What is an Offset Smoker?

An offset smoker is a type of smoker that is more of a ‘slow cooker’ than an actual barbecue pit. It has been developed from the original brick pits used to smoke meats back in the early days, and for decades now they have continued to be popular among his-and-her barbecue duos as well as larger parties.

Offset smoker,cooked meat,smoked meat

An offset smoker usually features a separate firebox on one end away from where you put your meat. This allows you to control temperature by controlling airflow via a damper system next to the firebox, giving you the ability to reign in those smoking times without having to tend it continuously, or worse still – leave it overnight even when you may have been planning on having food ready for dinner time.

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The offset smoker is your best friend when you want to smoke meat for hours on end, but can’t or won’t tend it constantly. Tending a fire is not easy, and requires careful attention to ensure everything comes out just right.

An offset smoker gives you the freedom to go about your day without having to babysit the smoker – which makes them perfect for all kinds of smoking activities including low-and-slow cooks, high heat searing, and even baking.

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How does work Offset Smoker?

The offset smoker is a type of smoker that has had its design adapted for outdoor cooking. It uses charcoal or wood to heat up metal plates, which are used to cook food.

Offset smokers use indirect heat to cook their food – this means that the flame of the charcoal or wood is heating one side while the other remains cool. This allows for even cooking of the meat while preventing it from burning on the surface.

Offset smokers can be moved around easily, allowing people who live in flats with little space to still cook outdoor meals. They also produce less smoke than other types of barbecue grills because they come with vents that allow some airflow into the firebox where the charcoal is lit.

The ‘offset’ in the name of the grill comes from the fact it has an offset firebox, meaning that the smoke and heat are created in one section, while the cooking surface is separated by a metal plate.

Offset smokers use coal briquettes or chunks of wood to create heat for cooking. The different types of briquettes give off different amounts of heat when lit – lump wood charcoal gives off more heat than other types because it doesn’t contain any additives. Other options include mesquite wood planks instead of charcoal.

how does offset smoker works?

The main benefit to owning an offset smoker is that it cooks ‘low and slow. This means that popular smoking techniques like barbecuing and rotisserie cooking become easy using this type of smoker.

What kind of Fuel Offset Smoker Takes?

When you’re talking about wood-fired smokers, there is a lot of choices. Offset smokers use natural or charcoal as fuel to create an authentic flavor in your food that can’t be found anywhere else!

What kind of Fuel Offset Smoker Takes?

Offset Smoker Advantages:

  1. Relatively easy to move around, although, the size means they’re not portable.
  2. Durable, long-lasting smoker as long as proper care is taken.
  3. A separate firebox means you can add fuel without disrupting the heat and smoke levels in the cooking chamber.
  4. The stand-alone unit usually includes plenty of storage space for fuel and utensils.
  5. Can be cheap or free to run if you can source wood locally.
  6. Large cooking capacity.
  7. The separate firebox creates room for an energetic and oxygenated fire that’s essential to create the best smoke for flavor and bark.

Offset Disadvantages:

  1. Most of the offsets on the market aren’t ideal for cooking in very cold/freezing conditions as the metal is too thin and you’ll lose too much heat.
  2. Not set and forget! You need plenty of time to tend to the smoker while you’re cooking.
  3. Expect some smoke leakage from most of the common models unless you seal with an aftermarket gasket.
  4. Large cooking capacity means more fuel usage even if you don’t fill it up.
  5. It takes time to master cooking on an offset smoker.
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What is Kamado Smoker?

Kamado Smoker is a type of cooking grill with origins in Japan. The Kamado provides the advantage of indirect heating and allows for precise temperature control which makes it perfect for grilling, smoking, and roasting. Its versatility is what makes it such a popular choice amongst food lovers.

Kamado Smoker is an outdoor grill that uses charcoal to cook. It has a dome-shaped lid with vents on the top and bottom which allows for smoke to escape while keeping in moisture, creating a more flavorful experience. The Kamado Grill is made of heavy-duty ceramics or cast iron, making it durable enough for years of use. There are many styles available including round or square shapes, all designed for specific purposes like smoking meat or grilling vegetables.

how to use Kamado Smoker?

The ceramic cooking surface will not rust like metal can do when exposed to water and leaves less residue than other cooking methods such as frying in oil. Depending on the size of your family you may want different sizes ranging from small (2 people) up to large (8 people). Being able to cook for a larger family or group of friends is becoming more popular as demographics change, making the Kamado Grill an excellent choice.

Regardless of which style you pick, they provide even heating and excellent flavor! The grills are considered healthier compared to other options because it allows fat to drip away from food while cooking, leaving less saturated fat. Since many people are now becoming health-conscious, this is beneficial in the long run because the smoker is completely customizable with different grilling methods available.

How Does a Kamado Smoker Work?

A Kamado smoker is a large, ceramic cooker that can be used for smoking and grilling. It features airflow vents on the bottom and top of the dome to regulate temperature and smoke production.

Kamado Smoker BBQ Grill

The cooking chamber has an adjustable height rack system so you can cook at different heights above the coals, or keep food warm in the lower section while other foods are being cooked. What’s more, it’s easy to clean because there are no crevices where grease can accumulate!

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Kamado Smoker Advantages:

Here is the list of some cons of kamado smoker:

  1. Ideal for use in colder climates including snowy winters without the need for extra insulation.
  2. Produces very moist smoked meat.
  3. Very durable, long-lasting build.
  4. Requires minimal maintenance.
  5. Doesn’t take up much room.
  6. Smaller cooking capacity may be better suited to most families.
  7. Virtually a set and forget smoker which doesn’t need much attention once it’s going.
  8. Suitable for beginners to experienced cooks.
  9. Radiates heat from 360 degrees when the lid is closed for very even cooking.
  10. Generally very efficient in terms of fuel usage due to the great heat retention quality of the shell combined with confined cooking space.

Kamado Smoker Disadvantages:

  • Small to medium cooking capacity can mean needing to cook in batches when entertaining.
  •  The smoky flavor isn’t the same as what you get off an offset smoker.
  • Most, especially the ceramic models are very heavy and can be difficult to move around.
  • Ceramic is prone to breakages if you run it too hot or drop it.
  • Need to be careful to open the lid slowly as oxygen-starved fire can cause flashbacks when opened too quickly.
  • Not portable.
  • More expensive than an offset smoker.



All in all, it’s hard to say which type of smoker is the best. The Kamado requires less attention and produces better tasting food, but offsets are usually cheaper and more versatile for cooking different types of foods. What you should do is figure out what your needs are as a consumer before making any decisions about which smoker would be right for you. If money doesn’t matter or if versatility won’t affect how often you use the grill then an offset may be a great option for you!

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