Big Green Egg Vs Offset Smoker – Full Comparison

Comparison Between Big Green Egg & Offset Smoker

Here is the comparison between big green egg vs offset smoker with complete details.

Product one
Offset Smoker
Product Two
Big Green Egg Smoker
Offset Smoker
Big Green Egg Smoker
Cooking Level
Cooking Level
Good for smoking and grilling (some models)
Good for grilling, searing, smoking, roasting, baking, and braising
Cooking Capacity
Cooking Capacity
Small to very large cooking capacity
Small to medium cooking capacity
Average Price
Average Price
$300 - $4,000+
Fuel Source
Fuel Source
Runs on wood or charcoal
Runs on charcoal with wood chunks or chips
Running Cost
Running Cost
Low-moderate running cost
Low running cost
No power required
No power required
Generally not portable
Most aren't portable except for a couple of models

What is Big Green Egg?

Big Green Egg is a grill that can cook anything from burgers to pizza. It’s made of clay and wire mesh. The Big Green Egg has been around since 1974, and it comes in several different sizes, shapes, and colors. A Big Green Egg will last for generations if properly cared for!

Big Green smoker

If you’re looking for a new barbecue grill this season or just want to give your outdoor cooking some variety, then the Big Green Egg might be perfect for you.

Features of Big Green Smoker:

If you’ve ever wondered what sets them apart from their smaller counterparts, here’s a brief overview of some of their major features:

Bigger volume:

Big green smokers are designed to hold greater volumes of wood chips and chunks than standard smokers. These large capacity fuel sources create larger amounts of smoke, more evenly heating your meat with minimal attention required.

Thermometer built-in:

No longer do you have to attach an extra device to measure the internal temperature of your meat or smoker! Advanced models feature built-in thermometers so you can easily monitor the progress of your food without ever taking your eyes off the smoker.

Lid latch:

No more tying-up ornaments to keep that lid shut! These smokers feature an easy-to-lock gate mechanism, allowing you to focus on those nice smoky flavors rather than those windy breezes.

Big Green Egg Is Still the Ultimate Charcoal Grill

Holding rack and storage compartment:

Big green smokers come equipped with a handy multi-level holding rack and storage area for tools and extra fuel. This saves you time and effort because you won’t need to be constantly reloading wood chips as you cook; It’s much cleaner and easier!

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Who doesn’t want a little help moving their smoker? Forget about lugging around that heavy smoker. The wheels are designed to make moving large smokers easy, meaning you can easily place them where you need them around the garden.

Water bowl:

Have you ever heard of a water bowl? Well, if not, it’s probably because they don’t exist! Yeah right! Big green smokers have a built-in water bowl that helps keep your food moist and juicy during cooking, without having to use any nasty liquids or chemicals.

100% non-stick coating:

This means absolutely no more mess! No rusting, corrosion, or tainting of food flavors by metal parts. These smokers are effortless to clean after cooking. It’s easier than washing up the dinner dishes! Get smokin’ with big green.

Family and friend-sized:

Do you like inviting people over for a barbecue and then only cooking for yourself and maybe the kid next door (and your goldfish)? Have no fear! Big green smokers are designed to feed masses of friends and family, without costing the earth.


Have you ever wanted to take some ribs, sausages, or chicken out to your best mate’s house on the other side of town? Well, now you can (well, sort of)! The smoker box is light enough that it won’t break your back hauling it up onto a bike rack but sturdy enough that it will still stand firm if attached to one. Or just throw it in the boot of the car and go.


Big green smokers are not just for smoking. If you’re not in the mood to smoke you can also use it as a slow cooker , oven, or even turn it into a grill. This means no matter what your plans are for dinner, there’s always something to prepare.

No-fuss assembly:

We hate when things don’t work properly or take forever to set up so we designed our big green smoker with simplicity in mind. With just one click the side hooks attach to the main cooking box and then boom!, ready to go. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Dishwasher safe parts:

Nobody likes washing up after preparing food but sometimes you have no choice. At least with the big green smoker, you can wash it without any trouble since all removable parts are dishwasher safe .

Easy to clean cooking box:

The unique design of the patented cooking box means that you don’t have to worry about that nasty carbon build-up. With maximum surface area, there’s always something for the smoke to cling to, leaving your meat juicy and tasty.

Four-point base:

We’re not particularly happy with how flimsy most electric smokers are so we made sure our smoker would be strong enough to last long. Not only does this mean it will stand firmly on any surface but also it doesn’t need a lot of space.

Four point base offset smoker

Large capacity:

When people say they want a large smoker, what they usually mean is that they want to smoke lots of meat not large pieces. With this in mind, our smoker features a whopping 8 cubic foot capacity so you can basically smoke an entire hog if you wanted!

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Stainless steel grills:

We also made sure the grills which hold your food up are stainless steel, so there’s no chance of rusting or any other nasty problems. They are also easily removable meaning the cooking box can be emptied nice and quickly, which brings us to the number

Easy empty cooking box:

The unique design of our patent-pending patented cooking box means that emptying it is as easy as pie. When it’s time for cleaning just pull the handle back into the closed position, lock it into place then just lift it out of its holder. Once you’re all finished you can replace the box, lock it back into place, and carry on smoking!

Large 240 x 140cm worktop:

This nifty little feature is located under the cooking box, which means that you don’t have to struggle to move things around or reach underneath. The full-size worktop makes sure cutting boards stay firmly in place while you cut whatever it is your slicing up.

Ashtray 510mm above the base:

Here at Big Green we always make sure our products are of the best quality possible. If anything gets spilled or falls onto this handy tray; not a problem! Just grab a brush and clear away any mess before carrying on with what you were doing.


BGSs work by burning wood chips in a firebox; the smoke from these chips then goes through a water pan, where it filters out impurities before being routed up through holes in an upper chamber filled with food. The heat generated by the fire causes convection currents within the cooker, which produces circulation throughout the entire unit. Because of this design, BGSs are capable of smoking meat for hours, which allows for delicious products with a distinctive smoky flavor.

Big Green Overview:

  1. Established in 1974
  2. Comes with a lifetime warranty for the ceramic elements
  3. Limited warranty for the smaller metallic elements
  4. Manufactured in Mexico
  5. Body construction is a green-glazed egg-shaped high-fire ceramic
  6. Available in six sizes ranging between 10-inches and 29-inches in diameter
  7. Uses charcoal as the primary fuel source

Cooking system:

  1. Has a rain shield for the top vent which is sold separately from the main grill
  2. ConvEGGtor half-moon deflector plates are available but also sold separately
  3. Has a basic single-level cooking system
  4. 5-piece EGGspander kit sold separately to allow for both direct and indirect cooking
  5. Has high-quality cooking efficiency


  1. Side-shelves sold separately
  2. Stainless steel grate sold separately
  3. Wheeled cart with plastic wheel locks sold separately
  4. Grill Gripper sold separately


  1. It is cheaper; however, all the accessories are sold separately


  1. Messy to clean since it does not come with an ash drawer. You would need to remove the ash manually using an ash rake

Delivery and Assembly

  1. Only sold instore
  2. Has to be handled with care since ceramics are prone to cracking
  3. The Assembly process takes longer
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Big Green Egg 2022

What is offset, Smoker?

An offset smoker is a type of smoker that features one or more chambers for the placement of fuel, and indirect chambers for cooking food via hot air. They are typically built into permanent outdoor structures (such as sheds), very often with all four walls and the roof made of sturdy exterior-grade plywood.  Wood, pellets, propane gas, electricity, charcoal briquettes, and on some models even liquid propane can be used to fire up this type of smoker.

Opened by lifting off both doors

The primary function of this design is to generate heat indirectly in order to cook the food properly while providing a smoky taste to it with wood smoke.  A small firebox, usually made of bricks or fireproof refractory brick, provides the heat source to get this process started.  It is important to note that while smoke can be generated with other combustible materials there is no better way — in terms of convenience and taste — than by using wood sawdust or chips.

One side opens for adding fuel, while the other stays closed for cooking

Offsets are specifically designed so that the chamber where food is actually cooked has air dampers to control airflow inside.  These dampers are often adjustable by turning small knobs so users can not only lower temperature but also reduce oxygen flow which makes heat last longer.

Offset Smoker Advantages:

As well as looking the part and producing some of the richest, smokiest meats, offset smoker benefits include:

  1. They’re relatively inexpensive to run
  2. You can grill on them too
  3. They’re ideal for cooking lots of food at once
  4. With the right maintenance, a quality offset smoker should last a lifetime
  5. You can easily add more fuel and/or wood chips without opening the cooking chamber which disrupts the temperature and smoke levels

Offset Smoker Disadvantages:

Here is the list of some disadvantages of this smoker:

  1. It takes a bit of practice to master cooking on an offset smoker
  2. Cooking in colder climates can be tricky
  3. It takes longer to start and heat the barbecue than a gas grill
  4. They’re heavy and can be difficult to move


If you are looking for a smoker that is more affordable, the offset smoker may be your best bet. However, if you’re not worried about price and want to invest in something higher end with unlimited versatility, the Big Green Egg would be an excellent choice. One thing they both have in common though is their ability to provide amazing flavor through low-and-slow cooking techniques.

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