Best Reverse Flow offset smokers in 2022 – Reviews, Guide & FAQs

The best reverse flow offset smoker is the one that controls the flow of heat. People who have experience in smoking barbecue know the bitter taste of meat if the amount of heat flow increases. They are well aware of the importance of having an excellent high-end offset smoker.

The only quality that the best reverse flow offset smoker has is its control over the flow of smoke. Offset reverse flow smoker acknowledges everything, sucks the extra amount of heat and smoke and throws only the required amount of smoke towards the food. The temperature control system is also one of the best qualities of lang reverse flow smokers.

Best Reverse Flow Offset Smokers 

Here is a table of all reverse flow smokers.

Oklahoma Joe’s
Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Smoker
Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Smoker
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal
  • Dimensions: 33.5 x 57 x 53 inches
  • Weight: 180.8 Pounds
Oklahoma Joe's
Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Smoker
Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Smoker
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal
  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 64.25 x 55.5 inches
  • Weight: 226 pounds
Lang BBQ Smoker
36" Original Patio
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal
  • Dimensions: 70" x 73" x 39"
  • ‎Weight: 665 lbs
  • Gauges: 1
Meadow Creek TS70P
Meadow Creek TS70P Barbecue Smoker
Meadow Creek TS70P Barbecue Smoker
  • Grate Style: Wire Grid With 1/2” Spacing
  • Dimensions: 76”h x 64”l x 44”w
  • ‎Weight: 535 lbs

The best reverse flow offset smokers make use of a mechanical device having the task to regulate the flow of heat and smoke. The cooking chamber has this plate. Its primary purpose is to decrease the amount of smoke that runs over the meat. It separates the fire chamber and smoking chamber so that you don’t have to do a lot of stuff yourself.

The only reason for buying a smoke is to have a quality device that meets the needs of the buyer. People find it a bit difficult to search for high-quality lang reverse flow smokers or high-end offset smokers, but we have decided to write this article to make it easy for them. This article will help you find one of the best reverse flow offset smokers.

We compared many reverse smokers and picked the best ones to explain them to you. You can select one that satisfies your needs the most.



1. Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Reverse Flow Smoker – Worth Buying

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset SmokerOklahoma provides various offset smokers. This Highland reverse smoker is of its characteristics. It comes up with an average cooking surface area of about 619 square inches in total. The space for the firebox chamber is separate. It is almost 381 square inches, where you have to place the woods and the fuel to start heating the cooking chamber.

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There are four baffles and several heat dampers obliged to make efficient heat and smoke control. Everything is of steel. The cooking grates are porcelain-enameled to prevent them from rusting. A fuel basket made up of stainless steel is available separately.

You can remove the ashtray comfortably to clean it up quickly after you have finished cooking. There is also a smokestack that saves the unused smoke.

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Reverse Flow Smoker Review

This Highland reverse smoker is one of the best reverse flow offset smokers due to its affordable price and all its attractive features.

Oklahoma Joe's Highland Offset Smoker

  • Baffles work efficiently
  • The firebox holds up well.
  • Very simple and easy to assemble
  • Heat or smoke may leak due to improper latching.

2. Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker – Best Budget

2. Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse flow Offset SmokerIt has a total of 751 square inches area as a cooking surface while the firebox chamber is about 309 square inches. Four baffles are having the task of throwing even heat and smoke to the cooking chamber. Several heat dampers are eligible for controlling the temperature efficiently.

Everything is of steel. The cooking grates are porcelain-enameled to prevent them from rusting. The fuel basket is also constructed through stainless steel.

This Joe’s Longhorn reverse smoker is undoubtedly the best reverse flow smoker under 1000$ in all cases. Its cooking surface area is above average. A firm package with many functionalities meets the need of buyers efficiently. Multiple dampers, four baffles, steel body, long-lasting design, everything seems to be just perfect.

Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker Reviews and Buying Guide

  • Temperature is even on all sides of the smoker
  • Easy to deal with, easy to modify for more enhancement
  • Heavy-duty construction makes it secure
  • Paint peels off the firebox
  • It is a bit difficult to clean baffles.

3. Lang BBQ Smokers 36″ Original Patio Smoker 

best reverse flow smokerThis quality offset reverse flow smoker has a user-friendly system. It guides the heat in the right direction. An essential quality of this lang reverse flow smoker is its durability. Its construction includes the best design and the best material that lasts for a long.

This reverse smoker has a wide cooking surface area of 475 square inches. This chamber can have about 60 to 72 pounds of food at one time. It means you can place about 6-8 ribs’ racks side by side inside the cooking chamber.

The outer body is impressively robust, and it does not allow temperature loss from the cooking chamber. It has a top shelf, a storage stand at the bottom of the smoker, and 3/8 handles. A grease pan is available for better grease management.

The design that helps the smoker to control the heat and smoke flow system is like a baffle design. It works with the firebox chamber to successfully manage the smoke flow. The last but not the least quality is its wheels. You are free to move with the help of sturdy wheels anywhere you want.

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You can also check best offset smokers.

Best Lang BBQ Smokers 36″ Original Patio Smoker Reviews and Rating

  • Amazing flavors
  • Heat and smoke control to bring perfect taste
  • Wheels to make it movable
  • Durable outer structure
  • Not suitable for starters
  • Smaller space than other smokers

4. Meadow Creek TS70P Barbecue Smoker

best reverse flowThe second one on our list is one of the best reverse flow offset smokers. Its manufacturer is Meadow Creek, and you will get all the qualities of the best reverse smoker according to its price.

Its sturdy structure assures that the product will last for a long. You can enjoy its massive cooking surface area. The overall structure of Meadow Creek is secure due to the robust latches. The baffle system, which is responsible for controlling the heat and smoke flow, urges you to use this high-end offset smoker competitively.

There are more than many features of Meadow Creek responsible for helping the chefs in outdoor cooking. The handles have a firm grip, thermometer for an accurate temperature reading, wide and long cooking grates, and the paint finish; every single feature is of sheer quality.

The total cooking surface area is about 934 square inches. This cooking chamber includes cooking grates where you place the meat to cook. These grates are of stainless steel and are guaranteed to stay rust-free. Latches at the doors ensure that no heat or smoke will be able to break out of the cooking chamber, keeping the cooking procedure secure enough.

You can have a firm and relaxed grip over its handles. You can assign whatever temperature you need for your meal with the help of a thermometer. A water pan can help you keep the meat under moisture. It allows you to use a fluid of your taste.

Baffles are of exceptional quality and do the work controlling the heat and smoke flow efficiently.

Best overall Meadow Creek TS70P Barbecue Smoker Review

  • Sturdy design lasts for decades.
  • Cooking grates are of stainless steel.
  • Heat and smoke are consistent.
  • Large cooking surface area
  • Thermometer
  • May need to learn how to get started with it.

Buying Guide

Total cooking space

You have to consider why you are planning to buy a reverse smoker. Is it only for your family, or do you want to enjoy some crowded parties? If it is just for house purposes, a Lang reverse flow smoker with a cooking space of 300 to 500 square inches would be satisfying. But, if you want it to cook for several people at a time, you will need a high-end offset smoker with a cooking surface area of more than 700 square inches.

The material used for its construction

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The best reverse flow offset smoker is the one that stays strong enough to withstand for long. You will always have to take it seriously because you are investing a reasonable amount for future ease. The tip is to look or a heavy-duty smoker that will last for decades.

Reverse smokers constructed with heavy-gauge or cast iron stay firm impressively. Don’t forget to examine the casting of grates as well. If they rust, you will get bitter food ruining your taste.

 best reverse flow offset smoker

Type of Fuel

Stick burner smokers have wood as their primary fuel source. This wood acts as a fuel type as well as for generating flavors. You have to put some effort to light up the fire on wood, so if you consider yourself a bit unfamiliar with all this, you probably need to look for good propane gas or electric smoker.

One thing you should keep in mind is that the smoke and flavor generated by wood are very much unique. No other fuel type can produce such fantastic taste.

Monitoring Temperature

When you are cooking, the door of the cooking chamber remains closed. You will probably need to make sure the internal temperature is good enough for your food. You can spend some amount to get a smoker by having a thermometer. The thermometer can show you the best temperature monitoring.


What is a Reverse Flow Smoker?

Many of the other types of smokers have a disadvantage of the mishandling of heat and smoke. Most of the time, food gets an excess of smoke and heat or lower than expectations, which results in tasteless food. Reverse flow smokers can handle the smoke and heat flow using a baffle or plate. It prevents your food from an immense amount of direct heat. Due to this plate, temperature, and smoke travel under the menu initially and then over the meal with a steady motion.

The smoke follows the opposite direction as compared to a regular smoker. This technique seems desirable because it prevents the meat closer to the firebox from overheating.

Why is a Reverse Flow Smoker Better?

It protects the food, of course, but It can also:

  1. Give you a feature of grease and water pan.
  2. Divides the smoke evenly for a better flavor
  3. Saves your food from sudden temperature spikes
  4. Once you open the chamber, it returns to the original temperature quicker.

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