Best Beginner Smokers for 2022 (Electric, Charcoal smoker for meat)

Are you a beginner and want the best cheap small smokers which work with electric, charcoal, wood pallets for cooking the meat?

There are various types of smokers present in the market, but which of these are the best beginner smokers. Each of the smokers in the market has its complexity. We have already described several offset smokers with their functionalities in detail. We also have summarized how you can use an offset smoker. You can find all these articles on this website.

Now, we are here to help those beginners who have never had any experience cooking through offset, or wood or charcoal smokers. We will mention a few of the best beginner smokers that are easy to use. The functionalities, pros, and cons of many of the good smokers for beginners are described briefly here.


We will explain each best entry-level smoker in detail. Here is the list of the best smokers for beginners we have selected for you.

Best Beginner Smokers in 2022


Here is the list of best beginners smokers of 2021

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker
Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker
  • Power Source: Charcoal
  • Dimension: 21 x 19 x 41 inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 39.1 pounds
Masterbuilt 40-Inch
Masterbuilt 40-Inch
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Temperature: 100-275 F
  • Dimension: 25.6 x 19.3 x 41.3 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 65.71 lbs
Pit Barrel Cooker Co.
Pit Barrel Cooker Package
Pit Barrel Cooker Package
  • Power Source: Charcoal
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal
  • Dimension: 21 x 21 x 31.1 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 57 pounds
Char-Broil Deluxe Digital
Char-Broil Deluxe Digital
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Cooking Space: 725
  • Dimension: 16.5 x 18.1 x 32.5 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 50.2 Pounds
Camp Chef
Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18″
Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18″
  • Power Source: Propane
  • Temperature: 160-350 F
  • Dimension: 30.25 x 18.75 x 17 inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 63.5 Pounds
Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36″
Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36″
  • Power Source: Propane
  • Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Cooking Surface: 784 square Inch
  • Dimension: 19.3 x 18.1 x 38.6 inches
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 69.50 lbs
Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D 36″
Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D 36″
  • Power Source: Charcoal
  • Fuel Type: Charcoal
  • Cooking Area: 784 square Inch
  • Dimension: 20.83 x 21.45 x 49.73 inches 
  • Weight: 56 pounds
Smoke Hollow 38202G 38-Inch 2-Door
Smoke Hollow 38202G 38-Inch 2-Door
  • Power Source: Propane
  • Fuel Type: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Dimension: 19.73 x 27.32 x 47.1 inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 68.00 Pounds

1. Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 Inch Smoker – Best for Family

Weber 18-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal SmokerThis bullet-shaped smoker uses coal as its fuel type. Its outer structure is firm and made up of durable steel. Its coating includes porcelain, which is always preferable for long-lasting products.

Many smokers are having an enormous capacity for cooking meat in one cycle. This one has a comparatively smaller cooking surface area of 41″H X 19″W X 21″D. We can surely consider it as not too small and undoubtedly not too large.

This smaller-sized smoker allows beginners to cook their very first meal and make you comfortable while using it. It will inevitably tend you to believe in this kind of smoker a bit more. You will surely prefer using a home smoker, or the small smoker, or even the bigger ones for future events.

The cooking surface area of the Weber smoker has two cooking grates. It means you are free to cook two different kinds of meals in a single cycle. Due to the usage of porcelain-enameled in lid and burner, the surface will not get rust and will stay durable for longer terms.

One of its beneficial properties is the availability of a temperature monitoring system. A damper helps you increase or decrease the temperature according to your needs during the cooking period. It is always challenging to add more wood or coal, so this smoker provides a fuel door that is easy to open to remove or add as much fuel as possible.

Best Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18 Inch Guide and Reviews

This smoker’s legs have a coating of an aluminum shield, which ensures the safety of this smoker. If you plan to do some BBQ or cook some meat for friends or family at any event, it is compatible with beginners. You will love cooking meals through it without facing any significant problems. Of course, you need to learn the basics of how to use these types of smokers, but you are ready to go then.

  • Average cooking surface area
  • Porcelain-enameled coating
  • Aluminum shield on legs
  • Temperature monitor
  • Damper to control heat
  • Easy to use(follow user guide)
  • No Wheels

2. Masterbuilt 40-Inch Electric Smoker – Value for money

Masterbuilt Controller Electric Smoker with Window and RF ControllerIf being a beginner, you would like your smoker to work more for you, and you want not to participate a lot in building a fire, etc., we recommend this Masterbuilt electric smoker. This smoker will surely reduce the amount of input you have to give to light up the fire and heat the environment.

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In other types of smokers, users have to arrange charcoal or some gas for the production of fire. You are free of all those things if you start your cooking experience with an electric smoker.

That is why electric smokers are the best starter smokers or the best for beginners. There is still something vital that you just have to switch the smoker on and add some wood chips to create heat.

What if we surprise you that these types of smokers usually have a wide cooking surface area. Less effort, massive output! You are surely going to love it. Once you build your experience in using electric smokers, you will also like to explore other smokers for different tastes and smokes.

Masterbuilt’s cooking surface area is large enough to cook 12 whole chickens inside it.  There are about four racks with nice size coated with chrome to save the food from rust. The size of the cooking surface area can have four pork butts inside it.

Guide and Reviews about Masterbuilt 40-Inch Electric Smoker

A handy remort is also part of the whole of its package if you buy it. You can also have a look if heat or someone is eliminating from the food.

  • Extreme use of the quote regarding “Set it and Forget it.”
  • You don’t need a lot of wood chips. Just a small bunch of them would be more than enough.
  • Glassdoor helps you to have a look at the food inside the cooking chamber.
  • Wide cooking surface area
  • It can’t create a smoke flavor.
  • Electrical components need replica more than once.

3. Pit Barrel Cooker Package – Affordable

pit barrelPeople who usually start using complicated smokers get the worst experience of cooking. If you start using a smoker that is difficult to handle, you will probably have the worst experience. You will not want to use smokers again.

This cooker is a full-fledged package having everything which is required to cook smokey and flavored food. The kit has a 30-gallon drum. A total of 8 hookers come with their packaging, where you are free to hang the food you want to cook. It also has a charcoal grill with grates, a remover to remove the hook, and a 3 point barrel support.

You don’t have to worry about the durability of the drum. It has a porcelain coating to conduct the heat properly. Pit barrel invented an innovative style of cooking your food while hanging in the air inside the cooking surface area. This modern cooking method ensures that all parts of each piece of meat get an even amount of heat. It results in the best-cooked food with smokey flavor.

Many people term this smoker as the best drum smoker in the entire world. Due to its style of vertical cooking, it takes less fuel to cook delicious food. It also takes lesser time for a single cycle.

Best Pit Barrel Cooker Package Review

If you are a beginner, you can easily understand how it works and how you will get what you need. Many of the cooking specialists, including Steven Raichlen, a TV host from japan, ranks this smoker amongst the best smokers that a market has ever produced.

You can use it comfortably. It has won awards for its specialties, and that is why it is undoubtedly one of the very best smokers for beginners.

  • Innovative style cooking
  • Wide cooking surface area
  • Ease of use
  • Reviews of buyers say there are no cons 🙂

4. Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker – Easy to Use

Best Beginner smokerChar-Broil, a name every backyard chef remembers. If you are a griller and want to test a taste of how to cook through a smoker, char-broil is an excellent option. This one is an electric smoker liked by everyone who uses it.

As the name suggests, it is an electric smoker, so you don’t have to worry about charcoal or gas or any other fuel. The structure of the cooking surface area is incredible. Char-Broil has a double-wall, which doesn’t allow the heat to sneak away from the cooking surface area in any case.

It also helps to increase or decrease the temperature as well as per your needs. This smoker also provides an easy-to-read and secure to use a digital control system to handle the internal temperature of the cooking surface area.

There is a front-end door made up of glass. You are free to open it to place the food inside the cooking surface area. Due to its glass door, you can have a visual of what’s happening inside the cooking surface area. If you are a beginner, it will give you relief, and it will boost your confidence in cooking such fantastic food after the first turn.

Char-Broil’s structural design is marvelous, and it also takes part in preparing the food properly. Stainless steel helps the smoke to stay inside and has an even effect on the meat. There is a removable thermometer that tests the temperature of the food. You are free to remove the four racks. The racks are adjustable, just like the glass door.

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker Top Pick

Char-Broil also attached wheels to it so that you can quickly move it from one place to another if you need it. The smokebox is wide enough to contain enough wood chips for 4 to 7 hours before you refill it. You just have to place the meat properly inside the cooking surface area and wait for the delicious cooked food.

5. Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18″ – Value for Money

best beginner smokersIf you are a  beginner and looking for a smoker that is easy to understand and deal with, Camp Chef provides the best beginner smoker. You want to cook a whole turkey, or you want to cook full pork, it has got enough space to do that without notable issues.

Many beginner smokers feel like the usage of propane might not return the best-cooked pork as most restaurants do so. Therefore, most of professional chefs tend to use gas-fired smokers most of the times.

Propane can produce a constant amount of heat for a specific time. If you select good quality wood chips, you are going to have amazing flavored food in return.

To control proper airflow, the Camp chef comes up with three dampers and two fixable racks. They also help us in producing flavored smoke. This best beginner smoker also comes up with an already available thermometer, which shows the internal temperature of the cooking surface area.

The very first step of cooking through the Camp chef includes a perfect snap starter, totally effortless. A drum built in the structure does its function and maximizes the control of temperature. You are free to clean up any time from the removable porcelain tray.

New Camp Chef Smoke Vault 18 Review and Rating

If you are new and don’t know how to cook different foods, the cap chef provides you a proper book that will guide you step by step on how to cook BBQ, pork, turkey, ribs, beef, or salmon whatever you want to.

Strong legs and porcelain-enameled coating over the outer parts of the smoker makes it durable for longer terms. It is usable in dangerous weather conditions as well. All these properties make this smoker as one of the best beginner smokers available in the market.

  • Wide cooking surface area
  • Guide book
  • Easy cooking procedure
  • Sturdy legs
  • Porcelain-enameled coating
  • No wheels
  • Propane usage feels a bit risky.

6. Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36″ Propane Smoker – High Quality

Best beginner smokerIf you have a mindset of trying to cook meat and food with the help of a smoker, you will always need the most relaxed smoker to use. A home smoker that operates on the most straightforward instructions, also providing the best-cooked food in return.

The procedure used to cook food by Cuisinart is incredible, and it provides delicious food to meet the needs of the user. Any professional Chef will surely like this type of smoker because of its qualities of cooking delicious meat and food through easy steps.

A tube for propane is long enough that you can place the propane tank away from everything. A regulator is available for quality propane tanks. As soon as you put propane to start, heat will level up to the required point within minutes.

It is always necessary that you have full control over the heat. This starter smoker provides an interface of adjusting the gas supply so that you can create as much heat as you need. A vent attached to the smoker makes you capable of stopping the smoker leave the oven. The front door has a thermometer showing the internal temperature. If you close the door, it will be adequately sealed. The door also has a comfortable handle to open and close it.

Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical 36" Reviews

You are free to smoke meat, birds, veg, ribs, beef, or chicken. You surely need no training before using this smoker to produce delicious food for your family and friends.

  • Thermometer
  • The gas supply is adjustable.
  • Heats up quickly
  • No wheels

7. Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D 36″ Vertical Charcoal Smoker – Best Budget 

Best beginners smokersWhen it is about smokers, Dyna-Glo is always ahead of every other company. A notable brand in the market of smokers. Dyna-Glo also produces other various products, including electric log sets and BBQ products.

The best beginner smoker is the one that is durable for a long time due to the design created by an expert—the one whose maintenance is as easy as spoon-feeding and also the one that produces delicious food.

This tall structured Dyna-Glo is brilliant in conducting proper heat, making it efficient enough to get the best out of charcoal. It also produces an intense smokey flavor.

The top of this smoker collects smoke, resulting in better control of airflow. This smokestack distributes heat evenly to all parts of the cooking chamber. This equally distributed smoke results in delicious food with flavor. The construction of the charcoal chamber helps the smoker save a lot of heat. It burns the charcoal for a long time and produces a flame that is going to last for a long.

Four cooking grates are available inside the cooking surface area where you can place the right amount of food, meat, or whatever you want to cook. Its temperature gauge is innovative, and it guides you as well. It indicates what the best temperature to cook food is.

Best Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D 36 Rating

A removable charcoal pan is inside the charcoal chamber to clean up charcoal. There is also an ashtray that is accessible comfortably. Surely, Dyna-Glo is one of the best options for starters.

  • Innovative temperature gauge
  • Four cooking grates
  • Even smoke providing system
  • NF

8. Smoke Hollow 38202G 38-Inch 2-Door Propane Gas Smoker – Well priced

Smoke Hollow 38202G Propane Gas Smoker by Masterbuilt, 2-Door, 38Smoke Hollow is a company that produces electric grills and smokers initially based in Columbus, Georgia. They are famous for facilitating long-lasting smokers and grills. They also display many barbeque possibilities for their customers.

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This Smoke Hollow smoker depends on propane gas. Its complete package includes four manageable racks. The racks have chrome coating saving the food from rust. A big wood chip pan helps you in picking up and placing the chips in the firebox. These wood chips or racks are the sources of creating the required heat and smoke. The created heat is always intense, and the smoke is going to last long.

If you have to load the water, you are free to use its specified door. You are free to load wood chips as well using this door. It will not waste the heat and smoke created in the cooking chamber.

Basic level steps lead you to create the required heat inside the cooking chamber. Just switch it on, and the heat of about 20000 BTU is generated within no time. Its package also has two vents. It gives you control of the temperature and smoke. You can increase or decrease any of them if needed.

Smoke Hollow 38202G 38-Inch 2-Door Propane Buying Guide

This smoker is a result of a modern approach providing a heat indicator system. The doors’ handles are pretty smooth and cool to touch. The front box is transparent. You can have a visual of what is going on inside the cooking chamber. A gas control system is also available in this beginner smoker.

The burner of the smoker has cast brass over it while sturdy steel makes the cabinet durable. One of the best beginner smokers for sure!

  • Heats up very quickly
  • Heat control system
  • Gas control system
  • Two-doors to save heat and smoke from escaping
  • No Wheels

Best Beginner Smokers FAQ’s and User Guide

We are going to answer a few of the frequent questions asked by inexperienced users. Hope you find all the answers to the questions you might have in your mind.

What meat should I smoke for the first time?

We would suggest you try the ribs as your first cook. Ribs won’t take too much time to get ready and if you know 3-2-1 rule, the cooked food will be of great flavor.

Pork is also easy and safe to deal with because it contains a large amount of fat. you can just pick it up and place it inside the cooking chamber. It is mostly covered in sauce.

You will find Brisket as overawing because it has to take a lot of time to get cooked. But, if you have control over temperature and keep it to 250°, it will be ready a bit earlier. If you want to have experience of smoking the food like a warm-up, you should try chuck roast. it is going to produce astonishing food.

You might also like to check the best meat offset smokers.

What is the best smoker for home use?

We have described a few of the very best offset smokers already in the article. but the best one of all has to be the first one from the list. Yes, Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. 

  1. The best thing about this smoker is the surety of its durability.
  2. Two grates to cook two different types of foods at the same time.
  3. Sturdy legs for safety purpose made up of an aluminum shield.
  4. Dampers allow you to have control over temperature.
  5.  A separate door to add fuel source assuring the main door remains closed to avoid heat loss.

What is the best inexpensive smoker?

Weber Smokey has got it all. It has got more customers and positive reviews than any other smokers available in the market keeping in mind the budget of Weber Smokey. You will get the best facilities with a minimum budget.

You are allowed to cook ribs and pork at a time by setting up the temperature you want. you will find it durable and the resultant flavored and smokey food will justify why we suggested this smoker for you.

Are electric smokers good?

Electric smokers are good in some cases while in some different aspects, other smokers take away the credit. For example, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into the ignition of your electric smoker.

But, the electric smokers can not provide you the flavored smoke-like charcoal or gas smokers do. You might miss that taste despite the fact that electric smokers have many other qualities that charcoal smokers don’t have.

For example, the size of the cooking chamber, easy cooking, mobility, and many other properties.

Summing everything up

We really believe, this article has helped you find the best smoker for yourself or for your family as beginners. If you want a more authentic BBQ way, you must try Weber Smokey. If you are eyeing on a set and forget cooker, Masterbuilt electric smoker is the one for you.

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