About Us

Fist Name: Adnan

Last Name: Iqbal

Company: TheOffsetsmoker.com

Phone: 03028855614

Address: District Gujrat, Tahseel Kharian, P.O.BOX Naseera, 50091

Email: [email protected]

Owner: “This site is owned and operated by Adnan Iqbal.”


We created this website long ago as our profession. Since the start, theoffsetsmoker.com has obtained a healthy number of visitors on a usual basis. We have helped thousands of BBQ lovers and smoking enthusiasts. Our target is the US because the consumption of smokers and other products related to smokers is too high here.

At theoffsetsmoker.com, you will find multiple types of articles. Few may be informational, having guidelines for important events. Most of the articles will advertise some of the best products being sold in the market recently. You will find an extensive buyer guide and detailed answers to the frequently asked questions regarding popular buying picks.

We are actually two friends handling all the things related to this website.

My Background

This is Lionel Andres. I am the Co-Founder of theoffsetsmoker.com Initially; it felt a little tricky and difficult to handle cooking and smoking procedures. The first time I produce worthy smoked meat, I really felt proud.

I had to deal with thousands of google searches but finally found the solution to every single problem.

My aim for this website

I always wanted to write things as simply as I can. I have already written a good number of worthy articles about buying guides and informational articles. I aim to make things very simple for visitors. Make them feel the things and select the best option for themselves in the near future.


David Smith – Writer

David Smith is the Co-Founder of the website; if you want any collaboration or sponsor any post, you can contact us at

[email protected].